What Science Says About 'Signs' You're Pregnant With a Boy

Your skin is clear and glowing

Is your skin glowing, or has your pregnancy been riddled with acne that could rival your teen years? The old (rather terrible!) saying goes, "girls steal your beauty." So if you've truly got that pregnant glow, this wives' tale errs on the side of a baby boy.

The truth: Dr. Phillips says there may be just a hint of truth to experiencing a pregnancy glow, but it doesn't mean you should expect one sex over the other. "Often, glowing skin is associated with a baby boy, but is more likely related to an increase in blood flow and volume," which happens in every pregnancy,1 she says.

Your morning sickness isn't that bad

Those early weeks of pregnancy can be tough, regardless of whether you experience morning sickness or not. Some amount of queasiness is normal for every pregnant person, but if your morning sickness is totally manageable, this myth says it's a symptom of having a boy.

The truth: Some research has shown that female fetuses are associated with a greater amounts of nausea and vomiting during the first trimester2

—but there's been opposing studies as well. In truth, at least 70% of pregnant people experience morning sickness to some degree,3 regardless of their baby's biological sex.


Your urine is a dull yellow

This old wives' tale calls for checking the color of your urine to get a clue about your baby's sex. Bright yellow? You could be carrying a girl, while a duller hue indicates a sign you're having a boy.

The truth: Dr. Phillips flatly disagrees with this assessment: "Urine color, smell, and volume varies throughout the day and with hydration and diet," she says. "As such, there is no relation between urine and the sex of your baby. It's likely related to factors like fluid intake, presence of infection, and vitamin usage."

Your feet are always cold

Got cold feet? No, not about being pregnant (though that's perfectly normal!). If you find that your feet are always cold now that you're expecting, one old wives' tale holds that it's a sign you're having a boy.

The truth: Temperature changes are most likely due to normal hormonal fluctuations, says Dr. Phillips. "People complain about being both overly hot and cold at any point during the pregnancy, so it's not a reliable determination of the baby's sex."

You're craving salty and savory foods

If you have a hankering for potato chips and pretzels while pregnant, the old wives' tale says you're expecting a boy. On the other hand, cravings for sweets (like chocolate or candy) indicate that a girl is in your belly.

The truth: There hasn't been any research linking pregnancy food cravings to biological sex. In fact, experts don't know exactly what causes these cravings, but they may be linked to hormonal changes.4

Your baby's heart rate is low

You'll probably hear that amazing beating sound sometime around 8 to 10 weeks at one of your first prenatal appointments. And many people believe this treasured experience can also be one of your first possible clues into your baby's sex: male fetuses supposedly have a heart rate that's 140 beats per minute or slower, while female fetuses' hearts beat a bit faster, at 140 beats per minute or higher.

The truth: Studies have proven this to be untrue.5

Your hands are dry

Myth has it that dry hands are a sign you're pregnant with a boy. If your hands feel soft and moisturized, you can expect a baby assigned female at birth.

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